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Dispersions and combined coatings

Inorganic and organic

A corrosion protection is created using a zinc laminated coating that provides the so-called cathodic protection. The zinc laminated coating is based on a coating made of zinc and aluminium slats applied non-electrolytically. Here a distinction is generally made between Cr(VI)-containing and Cr(VI)-free coatings. Cr(VI)-containing coatings offer better protection but they are also critical to health and environment. This type of protection is forbidden for the automobile and electrical industry since 2007. As opposed to this, Cr(VI)-free coatings are environment-friendly. However zinc laminated coatings  enerally offer better protection than the electrolytic zinc coatings.

Zinc laminated coatings are done as per the following systems:

  • Magni Coating
  • Geomet
  • microcor®