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Stamped parts and bent parts

When stamping, flat parts made of different materials are manufactured with the help of a press or using a mould and a cutting tool. Shearing is the separation process used then.

A stamping tool is made of a stamp that shows the inner form and the matrix that shows a corresponding suitable opening. The stamp can be the upper as well as lower part of the tool depending on the structure. The counterpart of the stamp can also be a level surface depending on the use case. In case of high-performance stamping, processes such as welding, flanging, riveting and reshaping are integrated into special progressive tools. These partly complicated tools must be used and protected effectively.

The bending of sheets is principally caused due to folding down of a surface part against the remaining surface part of a metal sheet. Depending on the manual tools used or the industrial procedures and machines, relevant shapes on the work-piece such as bending edge, bending angle or bending radius can be more or less exactly defined and reproduced.

The bending of the wire takes place using bending machines that create hedges or loops in large number of pieces.