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Strategic Partner

of the automotive industry

Bushings for axles

Our axle bushings serve as a running surface for rollers, wheels and other bodies from renowned manufacturers for wheels and rollers. We would also be happy to support you with your project.

We are happy to implement specifications regarding the maximum and minimum tolerances of the outer and inner diameters for you. You are free to choose the length of the sleeves and the wall thickness as well as the surface offer almost unlimited possibilities.


Due to our expert advice we provide for the proper selection of fasteners and put your procurement of fastening technology with our C-parts logistics into lean processes.

Mandatory Quality

All of our activities depends on consistent quality management. We feel towards our customers obliged to deliver products with the highest quality of all, to maintain the satisfaction and process precision high may.

Custom parts and services

Whether you need hot moldings or cold formed parts – you will get the ideal fasteners with personalized service to your complete satisfaction by KPO.