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Accredited material testing

Our own quality standards are very high. That is why we are working together with out competent partners since years. Our partner has one of the most – if not the most – modern laboratory in Europe and has an extensive know-how thanks to his experiences in this field since more than 60 years. This way, we guarantee you high quality products and / or conduct a material test.

In addition to tensile and impact test specimens, analytical examinations, hardness tests and structural examinations, we also offer a wide range of special examinations:

  • scanning electron microscopic examinations

  • corrosion tests

  • heat treatment

  • examining screws and nuts

  • examining rust-free connection elements

  • electronic and graphic coating thickness determination

  • end quench tests

  • roughness tests

  • bending tests

  • and much more

The examination results are documented on the base of test logs, test certificates, test reports etc. Contact us!