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Tailored to
your specifications

We pick and pack your goods as per your desire using the most modern packing machines. Here, the parts are individually counted by laser technique. From technical point of view, you can get up to eight different parts packed in an environment-friendly PE bag. This way, you receive your goods completely packed for selling, individually printed and labelled.

We are happy to pack your product ranges, installation sets or whatever you need otherwise. Just contact us.

We will label your packages individually, for example with content summary, assembly instructions, drawings, a barcode and your logo. This way, you can pack your parts in PE parts, stable corrugated boxes, KLTs as well as exchangeable container or customer-specific systems.


  • 4 plugs
  • 4 chipboard screws
  • 5 washers
  • 3 hexagon nuts
  • 6 hooks
  • 2 bolts
  • 5 pins
  • assembly tool